On The Great Einstein’s Birth Anniversary Come, Let Us Learn From Him, How To Become Great!

  We all know and even believe that Einstein is the most intelligent person of...[ read more ]



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एडीसन से प्रयोग होते हैं इसी से वह एडीसन है। हमें कार्य करने पड़ते हैं, इसीलिए हम असफल हैं। जबकि बुद्ध, कृष्ण व जीसस वे हैं जिनसे सबकुछ हो रहा है।

Edison is Edison because experiments come to him naturally and he lets it flow from his inner being. We are compelled to work, so we are unsuccesful. Whereas Buddha, Krishna and Jesus are the people whose each and every action is a happening induced by nature.

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