Nobody Apart From You
Can Repair The Problem In Your Machine

The disorder in your machine is those feelings in your mind that come and go...[ read more ]


Understand The Truth Of The Mind,
Without This Your Redemption Is Not Possible

Even according to the law of the mind it is not possible that you keep...[ read more ]


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मनुष्य के सारे दुःख-दर्दों की जड़ उसके ‘मन’ के उपद्रव हैं। अतः विश्व में से ‘‘दुःख-दर्द’’ गायब करने का एक ही उपाय है कि मनुष्य को ‘मन’ की कार्यप्रणाली बाबत ठीक से शिक्षित किया जाए।

The root cause of all the miseries of human life is the chaotic activities of his ‘mind’. Hence, the only way to eliminate the “pains and miseries” from this world is to properly educate him about the functioning of ‘mind’.

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