On the Occasion of Janmashtami
Krishna – Gita Dialogue

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Nobody Apart From You
Can Repair The Problem In Your Machine

The disorder in your machine is those feelings in your mind that come and go...[ read more ]



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हम पर आनेवाली अधिकांश मुसीबतों में हमारे करने लायक कुछ नहीं होता है। अक्सर वे दूसरों को परेशान करने आयी होती हैं, हम तो घबराकर उसमें अपनी टांग फंसाने के कारण उलझ जाते हैं।

In majority of the problems befalling our way, there is nothing much for us to do. Most of the time they come knocking at others’ doors, prompted by fright we unnecessarily interfere and get caught in them.

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