You Call Me God And Consider Me As A Fool What Sense Does This Make?

  I own the world. All the things which you have laid a claim over...[ read more ]


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‘बचपना’ मनुष्य का वह सबसे हसीन गुण है जो मरते दम तक छोड़ने जैसा नहीं। लेकिन जो बच्चे बचपन से ही गंभीर रहने के आदी हों, उनका तो भगवान भी मालिक नहीं।

‘Being child-like’ is the most wonderful quality of a human being which is not worth leaving till the last breath of life. But children who from a very young age are habituated to being serious, even God will refuse to help them.

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