Forthrightness Is The Master Key To Any Kind Of Success

  Forthrightness means to allow anything that is coming from within to come out, without...[ read more ]


I Was Definitely Fooled But You Still Have Time. Listen To My Experience And Safeguard Yourself

  I died very recently. And with death, I realised that I am certainly not...[ read more ]


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जैनों को अन्यों की शादियों में भी अपना खाना व अपने खाने के काउंटर अलग से चाहिए। समझ नहीं आता कि वे अच्छे-खासे होने के बावजूद उन्हें इन्सानों के साथ घुलने-मिलने में अड़चन कहां आ रही है?

Jains insist on having their separate food counters even at others’ weddings. It is really difficult to understand, though they seem to be okay otherwise, what problem they have in mingling with people?

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