Forthrightness Is The Master Key To Any Kind Of Success

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I Was Definitely Fooled But You Still Have Time. Listen To My Experience And Safeguard Yourself

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मनुष्य को रोज आने वाली छोटी-मोटी बीमारियां उसकी Immunity कमजोर होने के कारण आती हैं। जबकि व्यवस्थित भोजन व Acid-Alkaline का ठीक-ठीक संतुलन शरीर के कीटाणुओं को बढ़ने ही नहीं देते।

Generic diseases encountered by a human being in daily life are the consequence of poor immunity. Proper food and a balanced amount of acid–alkaline, do not let the germs spread in the body.

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