On the Occasion of Janmashtami
Krishna – Gita Dialogue

Bhagavad Gita – Krishna, you say that I am the Eternal Truth. Great secrets of...[ read more ]


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पूरा विश्व So-called Religious है…चन्द बुद्धिमानों को छोड़कर। फिर इतने क्रोध, दुःख, चिंता, जलन और नफरत कहां से आ रहे? …क्योंकि इन सभी भावों पर विजय ही तो धार्मिकता है।

The whole world is so-called religious…barring a few intellectuals. But then where does all the anger, miseries, worries, envy, hatred and failure come from? … Because, conquering all these feelings is only religiousness.

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