November 22, 2016 5:00 pm

All actions are being performed by the modes of Nature. The fool, whose mind is deluded by egoism thinks, “I am the doer” – #BhagavadGita Shlok (Chapter-3, Verse-27)

November 22


Meaning of the #Shlok

In this sutra, Krishna is telling Arjuna that in reality, all deeds, in every manner are performed by virtue of Nature. It’s not as if only the earthquake or tsunami is an act of Nature, in fact all the ups and downs in a human being’s life also arise out of their own natural virtues. Because attachment is a part of your psychology, attracted by ego you are thinking that it is ‘you’ who is fighting this war or that victory or defeat will be yours. But in reality, this is merely a circumstance of all the human being’s collective psychology in which you are bound to do whatever the circumstance demands of you. And when you are not doing anything, but are bound to do everything, then why don’t you give up a doer’s attitude which says ‘will I win or lose’? Why don’t you simply become a medium of whatever is happening, and whatever will happen? Why are you unnecessarily burdening yourself with doing or getting something done?
– Deep Trivedi

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