November 29, 2016 5:00 pm

All living creatures follow their tendencies, even the wise man acts according to the tendencies of his own nature. Of what use is any external restraint? – #BhagavadGita Shlok (Chapter-3, Verse-33)

November 23


Meaning of the #Shlok

In this sutra Krishna is saying something very remarkable! Krishna is saying that all human beings are in accordance with their own nature. And this nature of a human being isn’t formed suddenly in a day. Depending on how a human being has thought, done or lived, he begins to develop a psychology of his own. And then he is bound to doing all his varied deeds submitting to that psychology itself. If today this battle is taking place, then isn’t your desire of getting back your kingdom from the Kauravas responsible for it? If today this battle is taking place, then isn’t your failure in protecting Draupadi’s honour responsible for it? Hasn’t Draupadi’s stubbornness played an important role in fanning your internal family feud and taking it to the magnitude of this epic battle? Hasn’t Duryodhana’s ego added fuel to fire? Definitely because of you people’s stubbornness, foolishness and ego, the matter has escalated to the level of epic battle! Actually this is not something extraordinary; because each one of you has done, what you did, by submitting to your psychology. Just think, that when a human being has to do everything only by submitting to his psychology, then in that case how can anyone’s obstinancy about ‘not doing’ something help? …Hence, you simply fight in the war. This is the fruit of the seeds which your psychology has sown and going forward you will have to reap even more of it! And what do I say about you; a compassionate, knowledgeable person is also bound to strive according to his psychology. Just think, if a knowledgeable person would be free of all attachments at the psychological level, then would he even bother himself with trying to get back his kingdom from the Kauravas? No, right? But pay heed that he too is doing so by submitting to his own psychology. Understand that even this is not owing to his greatness, just the way what you did is not your fault; whatever and whenever you people did, even that was because of submitting to your psychology only. So tell me now, whether it is a wise person or a foolish one, if it is his psychology only which is doing everything, then what power does someone’s obstinence hold in such a case? Deviating from one’s psychology and doing something means falling to an even lower psychological level. But yes, if in future the psychology itself changes then that is a different case altogether! If truly from your heart you have no animosity towards the Kauravas or really you have no attachment for the kingdom, then it is a completely different scenario! But right now, just a moment ago you had entered the battled with great gusto; it is only on seeing the Kauravas’ army that the fear of death has risen within you! That is why you are mouthing such ideologies. But know this for sure, that despite propounding such ideologies, at the psychological level, you are in fact only a human being trapped in attachments. Therefore, considering your psychology, it is best for you to fight in the war, because the desire for the kingdom is still your ground reality today. Now in such a scenario, where is the scope for you to be obstinate about not fighting in the war? Hence, stop asking meaningless questions and forfeit propounding words of wisdom… simply fight the war.

– Deep Trivedii

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