November 21, 2016 5:00 pm

Arjuna, as the unwise act with attachment, so should the wise man with a view to maintain the world order act without attachment -#BhagavadGita Shlok (Chapter-3, Verse-25)

November 21


Meaning of the #Shlok

In this shloka, Krishna is telling the wise men that physically, even the learned should do the same deeds which the foolish people, controlled by attachments, unwillingly do. If they do not do so and go on fault-finding in other people’s deeds, then slowly, even if it is unknowingly, instead of leaders they become digressers, who lead people away from doing their deeds. And if we look up the history of mankind, most of the learned people have even done so; and if this wasn’t proving to be enough then various scriptures, blowed out of proportion different types of ordinary simple deeds and even termed them as sin. And that is the reason why since centuries mankind has been deluded about doing its deeds. Whereas in reality the importance is of the feeling in one’s mind, what is done by the body is merely like an act! Hence, rather than fault-finding with deeds that people do physically, the learned need to teach them how to desist deeds at the psychological level. As a matter of fact, Krishna has married and fought wars too; he even nursed a fondness for good clothes and was also a slave of his taste buds; and when the need arose he even made effective use of skills like lying, deceit and cheating. But what needs to be understood is, Krishna did all these deeds only physically; at the psychological level he would always remain detached from these deeds.
– Deep Trivedi

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