101 All Time Great Stories

‘101 All Time Great Stories With Life-changing Philosophies’ is a book of fascinating short stories written by Deep Trivedi in which he has used the medium of short stories as they are the easiest way to explain profound psychological and philosophical aspects. Written in a simple and lucid style, the stories are penned in a manner that the reader will be instantly transported into the world of great people, artists and philosophers. Spanning a vast range of topics, the tales are aimed at creating psychological awareness in life. For instance, latent emotions of anger, greed, love, inferiority complex etc. are woven into the intricate fabric of many of these stories and readers will find themselves inspired by interesting stories from the lives of Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Helen Keller and other great people—who through their work elevated not just their own lives, but also the lives and thoughts of the human race.

The profound wisdom of great philosophers like Buddha, Socrates, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, King Janaka, Sufi Saint Rabia; the captivating antics of the eccentric Mullah Nasruddin; Christ’s profound message; Ghalib’s passion; Walt Disney’s dreams; Vincent Van Gogh’s art and much more await you in this book. This story book is a must-read for people of all age groups, as it will transform their thinking and way of living and instill hope and confidence to lead a happy and stress-free life. The pithy morals at the end of each story will help strengthen faith in yourself and help you look at the world in a different light. This book is available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.


Beautiful Book

I bought this book at the Airport and was impressed by its wordings, stories and vocabulary. I thought it would certainly assist my efforts in improving the vocabulary. Not only did it deliver on that, it also does touch upon some very important life lessons and philosophies. Indubitably, this book is one of those rare gems in my book collection. I am very certain about cherishing it from time to time.

Food for the body, mind and soul

I am a sucker for reading self-help books which provides nourishment for my body, mind and soul. So, I was glad that I came across '101 All Time Great Stories...' as it is an interesting compilation of philosophies of philosophers as well as great men, which is written in the form of stories. The stories are interesting as well as varied - while some stories got me thinking, others had me smiling from ear to ear. But one story which really tugged at my heartstrings was the one titled, ' The prayer of an innocent child'.

Fabulous! Amazing

Again Mr. Deep Trivedi has put forward a character transforming book. It consists of ageless stories, jokes and incidents filled with wisdom. Like his every book, his physiological approach makes this book more interesting. This approach also helps in imbibing lessons. I loved it a lot. A must read.