200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna

  • Krishna - The Most Popular Personality
  • Krishna - The Most Loved Man
  • Krishna - The Most Worshipped Figure
  • But the big question is...how much do you really know about Krishna?
  • Did Krishna actually steal the Syamantaka gem?
  • Did Krishna rehabilitate the prostitutes in Dwarka?
  • Did Krishna really have 16,108 wives?
  • Did the majority of Krishna's family perish in front of his eyes?

The reality is, your knowledge about Krishna is limited to that which is depicted in TV shows. And it is these portrayals that have contorted and convoluted the story of his life beyond comprehension! In such a scenario, how can one sift fact from fiction?

So, with the sole aim of liberating Krishna's admirers from the fictitious narratives about his life, Deep Trivedi, the author of bestselling books such as "I am Krishna", "I am The Mind", "101 All-Time Great Stories ", "The Black Book Of Soul", "3 Easy Steps To Win At Life" and many more, presents "200+ Shocking Truths About Krishna", based on in-depth research of all ancient scriptures. Penned after extensively researching 30 scriptures such as the Mahabharata, Harivansha Puran, Bhagvata Puran and Garga Samhita, this book will acquaint you with the real life of Krishna, so much so that you will not feel the need to read any other scripture or book related to Krishna's life. Dive into the 200+ unheard shocking truths about your 'hero' – Krishna! This book is available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.


A great read

I have read ‘I am Krishna’ book by the same author. And this new book ‘200+ Shocking Truths about Krishna’ is a great accompaniment to the I Am Krishna series, as it is a compilation of facts about Krishna. I was really surprised to read many of these facts. Great effort by the author!

Awesome as usual

Like all the books written by Deep trivedi sir, even this one is full of information and knowledge. Those who want to know about Krishna more must read this one.

Enthralling book

The 'truths' about Krishna have not only 'shocked' me but brought me closer to him. It has been a great experience learning such amazing facts about Krishna. It's truly an enthralling book! A must read for everyone...