The Black Book of Soul

‘The Black Book of Soul’ is the first book that entails a detailed scientific explanation of the supreme positive power of human life—Soul, and reveals its infinite powers, handing you the power to live a fulfilling life. In this book, Deep Trivedi provides formulas to help awaken the Soul that dwells within you, while also elucidating the Soul as per the Bhagavad Gita. Moreover, it entails a step-by-step approach to experience the phenomenal powers of the Soul within, and uniquely crafted tests to help one determine one’s proximity to the Soul and how to inch closer to it. This book will help you know your Soul, your system and yourself separately. This book is available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.


Worth your time

Writer has presented explanations in very simple way that every layman can understand. Worth reading. I recommend everyone to read.

Book helps to identify our true existence

Aap aur aapka Aatma book is 100% PRACTICAL yet Based on REALITY. So while reading the book we can Experience What is Soul (Aatma) exactly… We can experience, there is something within that author is trying to say… -Not 100% or not Immediately, but, as soon as you move ahead all our doubts will waived off. At the beginning, Deep trivedi explain history about self-realization process & why, where we are doing mistakes in the process of self realization.

A Must read

Jo jeevan ki peak par jana chahte hn, jo sachhi safalta or khushi paplna chahte hn, unhe yah book jarur pdni chaiye. In fact, Deep Trivedi ji ki har book padni chaiye, kyuki unki har book ka ultimate gaol ek hi h- maanav jeevan ko sukh or safalta ke peak par le jana.