I am Krishna

‘I am Krishna’ is the first voluminous chronological account of Krishna’s entire life, right from his birth to his death in one continuous gripping story which chronicles the transformation of Krishna from a cowherd boy to the King of Dwarka. Well – researched and integrated from multiple ancient texts and scriptures, this is a detailed account of Krishna’s life which is embellished with Krishna’s thoughts and his psychology at various significant points and explains how he evolved with each incident to become great as we know him today. This book highlights the many facets of Krishna’s personality as an artist, a politician, a businessman, a psychologist, a lover, a visionary and a spiritual guru and explains how he was able to master all fields in a single life.

Most significantly, this book is a must read for every individual as it creates a psychological impact on the mind of the reader thereby leading him towards his own journey of evolvement. This book is available in English, Hindi and Gujarati.


Greatest & ultimate book ever to reform mankind..!!

Every human being should read this once, at least, in his life time. It gives immense knowledge on Krishna's life, my answer to why to live. how to live is cleared... The writing and explanation is unmatchable. Written in simple language and with great details by the Author. Just go for It, it's worth for paying.

Just loved it. A must read.

It is the best book that depicts Krishna's life in a psychological way and you have no option but to get immersed in the story. I liked it because it has changed my life for better. If we compare it to other products of this genre then this book will triumph easily. There is no comparison . It is even better than self help books that are international best sellers.

बहुत ही लाजवाब।

हर एक बात में जादू है दीप त्रिवेदी जी की अदभुद, आप सभी अगर कृष्णा को समझना है तो जरूर पढ़िए और कृष्ण को समझ गए तो अपने आप को समझ गए, जीत सुनश्चित है मेरी, नया जीवन देने के लिए शुक्रिया सर जी, लव यू। निशान्त पाठक, यूपी, बरेली!