Money & Its Smart Psychology

Money and Its Smart Psychology is a groundbreaking book that unlocks the secrets to financial abundance. This comprehensive guide dismantles the myth that earning money is difficult as it is commonly perceived. In this book, Deep Trivedi reveals the power of a strategic approach, empowering you to not only attract wealth but also manage it wisely. It covers crucial aspects of the psychology of money, providing smart investing tips and strategies to improve your finances.

Money and Its Smart Psychology goes beyond mere money-making; it equips you with the right mindset to navigate today's complex financial landscape and avoid pitfalls. With practical case studies and straightforward language, this book illuminates the path to a stress-free and abundant life, making it the ultimate guide for anyone seeking financial freedom.

This book sheds light on:
• Proven strategies for attracting financial abundance.
• Effective money management techniques and wise investment practices.
• Common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them.
• Psychological insights into the mindset needed for financial success.
• Real-life case studies that illustrate practical applications of smart financial practices.


When I read Deep Trivedi's 'I am The Mind', I became his fan and his latest book 'Money And Its Smart Psychology' is also a masterpiece. I especially loved the chapter 'Is Money More Powerful or God'. As part of my business, we have been advising our clients about managing money and most of the aspects that I have learnt about people's love, passion, greed and fears concerning money are beautifully explained in this book.

Motilal Oswal, MD & CEO, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.

Earning money is not that difficult if you follow the psychological principles of money. This book explains these principles masterfully

Mafatlal Patel, Founder & Chairman, Patel Brothers (The largest Super-chain of Indian Grocery Stores in USA)

An unmissable read for the younger generation to be financially smart in today's dynamic world.

Ajay H. Patel, Chairman, Cooperative Bank of India Ltd. (COBI)

I have always known Deep Trivedi as a visionary, thinker & an accomplished author. Reading his latest book 'Money And Its Smart Psychology' has been a sheer delight. Indeed, the book provides a perfect 360-degree view about money and its inexhaustible intricacies.

Sandeep Engineer, Managing Director, Astral Limited

An insightful book that provides complete financial management solutions including how to manage EMI's.

Nimesh Patel, President, Builders Association of India (BAI)

This book not only focuses on common money traps, but also highlights the importance of cultivating an abundant mindset to manifest wealth. By citing practical examples and case studies, Deep Trivedi offers a refreshing perspective towards money and its relation with the human mind.

Dr. Dinesh Shahra, Founder & Ex-Managing Director, Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.