February 22, 2015 9:30 am

By Any Chance Has Krishna Erred While Stating The Bhagvad Gita ?



Krishna is indeed the one with a complete personality. He is the flowing river of love, knowledge and concentration. There is no scope for him to err. But today whatever is going on in the name of religion and in the name of various solutions being providedin order to get out of problems, there are times when this doubt arises.

Arjuna was in trouble, he was in a dilemma,he was unaware of what lay ahead, so he asked Krishna for a solution. Krishna recited the entire Gita to him, the gist of which was that he has been suffering because of his wrong state of mind. And all through the Gita, Krishna tried to improve his state of mind. Throughout the entire Gita, he provided solutions only to improve the state of mind. Neither did he give Arjuna a ceremonial thread nor did he advise him toobserve a fast. Neither did he tell Arjuna to come out again at an auspicious time and nor did he tell him to go visit a temple. And neither did he give Arjuna any mantra to chantso that he may be redeemed. Krishna had categorically stated that the current trouble had arisen in Arjuna’s life because his state of mind had gone wrong, and it could be eliminated only when the state of improved.

Now, this simply means that either Krishna has gone wrong somewhere or in order to run their shops these upholders of religion are deluding us. Now, Krishna can never make a mistake, which means it is only these upholders of religion who are going around distributing these tempting packages of quick-fix remedies. But there are no resultsfrom them and there never will be. Because, our corrupted state of mind is responsible for all the troubles in our lives, therefore, as per Krishna’s teachings only by improving your state of mind can you come out of all the troubles.

So read the Bhagvad Gita, believe in Krishna, focus on bettering your state of mind…and lead your life in all its glory at the peak of happiness and success.

– Deep Trivedi