April 25, 2015 8:31 am

Decide With Your Heart You Shall Succeed!

B 340 English

A human being has three powers to aid decision-making. One is his soul, which is on automation mode and only decides in favour of the common good. But at this moment, we are far-off from the soul, so leave it aside. Thus, we are left with the heart and the brain. …So everyone is applying their brain to make every decision. Applying the brain means taking an absolutely practical decision keeping your interest in mind and after making all the right calculations. But who’s gaining anything out of it? Whereas taking decisions with your heart means following what your heart says. There’s no greed, no calculation and no logic either. And always remember that most of the decisions taken by the heart turn out to be correct. …But since we are human beings, we are bound to apply our brain. But I insist that since you are human beings, this habit needs to be changed. If you wish to attain happiness and success in life then decide with your heart. Because the heart is closest to Nature, and Nature always wants the best for you.
-Deep Trivedi