January 11, 2015 9:30 am

Do You Consider Yourself To Be Greater Than Even Buddha, Christ Or Krishna?



“What are you saying?!” you might ask.You might wonder at the absurdity of this question – We consider all of them to be God. We don’t even have an iota of them within us. We cannot even dream of comparing ourselves with them. But let me tell you that 99 out of 100 people have been living their lives believing themselves to be greater than them. Do not be surprised! I don’t say anything without any proof. And good psychology is that which is proved even as it is being expounded upon.

So think, what is everyone’s sorrow? Isn’t it that… I am so nice and simple and yet nobody understands me. I always do something good for others but everyone is so mean to me. Nobody understands my heartfelt feelings. I do not ever get credit for all the good deeds that I do. Despite doing so much, everyone always thinks ill of me.

Agreed! Now tell me why was Christ crucified? Why was Buddha insulted at every place and in every other village? WhywasKrishna, very often called names like illiterate, cowherd, cheat, deceitful, manipulator, liar and so on, in public gatherings?This was because nobody ever understood them. Now just think… if no one could understand them while they were alive, then why do you expect that someone should understand you? Now this is only from a technical perspective, but the psychological reason behind your expectation is that somewhere within, you surely consider yourself to be greater than them. Otherwise, you would not have had such expectations.

Anyway, forget what has already happened! But henceforth learn to certify yourself on your own and simply be satisfied with it. Because in the history of this world there has been no record of even a single human being who has been able to understandanother.

-Deep Trivedi