January 3, 2015 9:30 am

Do You Know When And Why Was The First Robot Made?

B 233 English


The tale of Robot had begun in Egypt around 5000 years ago. It so happened that an Egyptian priest wanted to convince, compel and control ordinary people to do his bidding. So using clothes and other available material they made a huge figurine using cotton; its body was like a human being’s but it had the face of a wolf.

And, overnight they placed their huge robot at the centre of the city and in the morning, they had even attracted a huge crowd there. A priest was already hiding behind the figurine. He started saying everything that the other religious leaders wanted the people to follow. Believing it to be the word of God, the poor, unsuspecting crowd was left with no choice but to do as told.

Now, this was the tale of the very first robot. However, this short story sheds light on the two main points. Firstly, it portrays the IQ of human beings 5000 years ago who had fallen in the trap of an ordinary robot. This also means that people at large have made a very gradual mental progress. The second important point is, it is a very old mentality of religious leaders to use people for their own benefit. And they haven’t yet grown out of that mentality. As human beings are evolving mentally, they too have discovered a new variety of advanced robots. Then whether the discovery is made to introduce a new God or to mouth old scriptures… And whether it explains a new ritual or provides a new solution.