November 11, 2016 5:00 pm

Endowed with equanimity, one sheds in this life both good and evil. Therefore, strive for the practice of this Yoga of equanimity. Skill in action lies in the practice of this Yoga. – #BhagavadGita Shlok – (Chapter-2, Verse-50)

November 11

Meaning of the #Shlok

In this verse, Krishna is telling something really beautiful to Arjun, who is constantly bemoaning about sin and virtue on the basis of scriptures. He is telling him that don’t try to be pompous about your knowledge of the Vedas to a wise person like me and neither list out to me the sins and virtues. The truth is that the human being who is able to always keep his mental equanimity, renounces sin-virtue in this birth itself! Meaning, thereafter sin-virtue doesn’t remain the basis of his deed. And this is the fact! Just because killing someone is a sin, will you not attack a person outraging a woman’s modesty and defend her honour. In this attack, if he dies will that amount to committing a sin? No! Krishna is saying that a sinful or pious deed is not a physical act but is based on the emotional state of the mind. And the equanimous person who has made his thinking as, “my self-interest lies in the interest of others”, will he ever object to doing any deed? Why will he bother himself with the concepts of sin-virtue? Whatever he does will always be a ‘supreme act of virtue’.
Hence, oh Arjuna, you too come out of this cycle of sin-virtue and evoke the sentiment of equality within you. Equality means whether you die or someone else, whether you win the battle or Duryodhana, what difference does it make to you? And when winning or losing isn’t making any difference to you, then is it possible for you to be attached to its resulting happiness-sorrow? Right now the unhappiness that you are facing is because you do not wish to die. And this wish also includes in itself the death and defeat of the Kauravas. But if you accept everything as equal and leave matters to Nature’s justice then for sure you will instantly be free of this ‘bond of doing’ which is causing happiness-unhappiness.
– Deep Trivedi

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