November 15, 2016 5:00 pm

He who is unattached to everything, and meeting with good and evil neither rejoices nor recoils, his mind is stable – #BhagavadGita Shlok (Chapter-2, Verse-57)

November 15


Meaning of the #Shlok

Directly attacking Arujna’s present state of mind, Krishna is saying in this shloka that in the present you are experiencing sorrow because your mind is not equanimous. But the ones whose mind is equanimous, good-bad or favourite-unfavourite mean nothing to them… But this is not the case withyou. Sometimes, you ask how can I kill my teacher, uncles or grandfathers, and at other times, you seek to know who shall win this war! But Arjuna, he whose mind is stable doesn’t worry about all such things while doing his deeds. Detaching themselves from everything else, they remain attached only to their soul, and due to this, no matter whether the outcome of their deed is good or bad, they neither feel happy nor unhappy about it! Therefore, in the manner of fighting in this war, you too do your deed wholeheartedly but whatever may its outcome, accept it as the will of Nature. If you win, don’t feel too elated and if you lose, don’t nurse any sorrow about it. By doing so you will become equanimous.
– Deep Trivedi

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