December 8, 2016 5:00 pm

He who sees inaction in action and action in inaction Is wise among men He is a Yogi, who has performed all actions – Bhagavad Gita (Chapter-4, Verse-18)

November 28


Meaning of the Shlok

Here, Krishna is giving us the formula to always be victorious. He is telling Arjuna, here on one hand is you, who is asking why should I do this and why shouldn’t I do that and is time and again getting deluded and wondering whether I should do this or do that. But on the other hand, there is also a person who has not only firmly decided his deeds, but is also the only doer of all his deeds. Neither can any external force instigate it to do any deed nor can it compel it to do so. And the yogi who can do all the deeds is he who can see a deed in a non-action and a non-action in a deed. Believe me, this is the ultimate psychology that Krishna has revealed here…Meaning the person who doesn’t consider that ‘I am doing this deed’ while doing anything, which means that he has no particular reason to do the deed, or if I were to say, he believes that the deed has been by God, such a person believes every deed done by him to have simply happened, that is, he knows it to be a deed that has stemmed from his soul for the greater good. And he who knows this is the most intelligent among human beings. Because when the deed has come from within him, he hasn’t done it, then naturally the gain or loss, which is going to occur as a result of doing the deed doesn’t exert any influence over him. For, he knows very well that even this loss that he has incurred for the greater good, or if I could say, he has done so by God’s will. The gist is that he is aware of the ‘non-action’ in the deed that is being done.


However, this is only one perspective of the matter. Another great quality that such a person has is, he does even the deeds which stem from non-action with such complete dedication that there can be no other outcome of it! Meaning, whichever task he takes in hands will surely be brought to fruition. If Thomas Edison determines to light the bulb, then the bulb will surely be lit up! Because putting aside his own existence, he is so focused on the task that there is no chance of failure at all! In simple words, forgetting your own existence means handing over the reins of all deeds to God. And when God himself does the deed, can there be any other result? So, to sum it up, while doing a deed, despite having no desire of his own, forgetting his own existence that is without having the feeling of being the doer, if one puts all his focus on the deed, then this focus of his is, “seeing the deed in the non-action”. If I were to say this in simpler words, while doing any deed, he whose complete focus is on the deed at the physical and mental level and yet from his soul he is aware that ‘I am not doing this deed, it is God who is making me do this deed’, only he has done his deed overall. I am telling the same thing to you repeatedly and in different ways because understanding of this one sutra can make happiness and success come knocking on your door. You please make note that whoever has conquered the peaks of success, no matter in whichever field it may be, they have achieved it when at that time in all the completed deeds they have felt non-action and in non-action they have felt their deeds. You all are living in the scientific age, how difficult is it for you to understand this?  Understand it well and attain the peaks of success!

– Deep Trivedi

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