February 20, 2015 9:30 am

I Did Get Fooled But If You Wish To Safeguard Yourself Then Read On…!



I’ve only recently died. My body has been rested on the funeral pyre. Very soon the pyre will be burnt. But what’s surprising is that I am not in that body anymore. I am here somewhere up in the sky, starting an unknown journey. What’s amazing is that my entire body is down on earth and I am here – complete and on a journey. …Meaning, I am definitely not the body. Wealth, family and friends – everyone’s present below. And even among them, none seem to be a part of me today. I have been fooled. I spent my entire life worrying about my body. I went through so many difficulties for its pleasure and pain. And these, friends, family and wealth whom I kept chasing around considering them to be mine, were never mine at all. Running after them, I could not even recognise myself. I couldn’t give myself any kind of joy or comfort. This human life that I had got with great difficulty was all a waste. Anyway, I got fooled, but you still stand a chance, recognise yourself and live for yourself. …Or else like me, you too will regret one day but it will be too late by then.

– Deep Trivedi