March 17, 2015 9:30 am

I Was Definitely Fooled But You Still Have Time. Listen To My Experience And Safeguard Yourself



I died very recently. And with death, I realised that I am certainly not a name, caste, wealth or ego. I am an untitled bouquet of emotions that was sent on earth as a human being on a permit of 70-80 years. And the fool that I am, I didn’t enjoy the emotions instead I wasted my precious life in thousand different ways by cultivating ego. I couldn’t acquire anything while I was down on earth, let’s see what I gain while I am here above.

…Crowds are constantly pouring in here. Just as I had heard, here, based on the life on earth everyone’s further-life is being decided. I would surely be granted heaven, because I have followed scriptures and my religion all throughout my life on earth.

…But what is this? Here, this is not even being considered as the criteria. The decision of the further-life is being based on three straightforward questions. The first question is that, how much have you filled your life with happiness, joy, tranquillity and contentment without hurting anyone? The second question is, among how many people have you spread happiness, peace and contentment? And the third question is, have you done anything great and noteworthy which would benefit everyone at large? Alas! I have failed in all three criteria. I wasn’t even granted an iota of heaven’s happiness. I was surely fooled, neither could I live below and neither did I get to live above. …But you still have time, learn from my experience. Filling your own and other people’s lives with happiness is considered the only criteria above to decide about your life after death. Regularly visiting temples, mosques and churches is not given importance up here!

– Deep Trivedi