February 27, 2015 9:30 am

I Was Duped For Sure But If You Can Become Alert Then Please Do So



I have just left my body. I don’t know where I have reached. But wherever I am, let me tell you that here, there are thousands of people arriving every minute. They are not only arriving from different countries but also belong to different religions and even atheists are arriving.Turn by turn, everyone’s account is being analysed; however, there is no exemption or rebate available on the basis of religion or country. In this calculation, I was surely duped! I spent my entire life according to the laws of my community. And I don’t even know the amount of wealth and time I spent on them. On their accord, I don’t know how many good people I considered to be strangers and how many worthy people I remained distant from. Believing that I shall benefit a lot above in Heaven, I filled my mind with so much hatred for everyone. And today all of us are standing here together. Here, neither is there a feeling of being distanced from them, nor is there any way to stay away from them. Today, upon stepping here,all the things taught by my religion,for which I sacrificed my entire life, seem to be a big lie! I was duped unnecessarily;however, you still have time! If you can then please be cautious, or else you will not only end up losing everything below, but also in Heaven you shall not gain anything. So, if the place where you are supposedto live permanently has no divisions, then why should youlive with such bad blood andaloofness at a place where you have to spend only 60-70 years of your life? So, speaking from my personal experience I am telling you this;don’t differentiatebetween human beings; your welfare lies in this alone.

-Deep Trivedi