April 5, 2015 1:32 pm

If You Wish To Move Ahead In Life Then Be An Emperor. Nature Showers Its Kindness Only On The Emperors

B 332 English


Even beggary is a mindset and so is Kingship. Beggary refers to someone who has a habit of demanding every now and then. Then whether he demands from friends or family, or from astrology and vaastu or from temples-mosques-churches; it does not make any difference. Whereas, an emperor means someone who believes in moving ahead only on his own merit. And Nature always showers its kindness on emperors; it goes on giving them generously. And it hates those who keep demanding like beggars; thus, it keeps snatching away even what they have. This is the reason why some people keep moving ahead in life and others who have the habit of constantly demanding get defeated every day, despite putting in immense efforts and employing numerous remedies.
– Deep Trivedi