May 31, 2015 8:37 am

Is It Possible That You Are Belittling Yourself?

B 367 English



Very often people complain that nobody listens to them. No matter how much I emphasise, nobody gives importance to my opinion. If you too have similar complaints about everyone, then instead of cursing others pay attention to your own habit. You surely must be used to constantly repeating the same thing. …Or you may be in the habit of nit-picking all the time.
Always remember this, no matter which weapon it is, if it is used frequently then it shall surely become blunt. Need proof? Look around you…if mothers scold their children regularly, their scolding eventually will not have any effect on the kids. In the office if one regularly points out the mistakes of his assistant, one day his assistant will stop taking him seriously. Not only this, if you keep visiting someone every week, then gradually he shall start humiliating you. And an artist who flaunts his art every day shall very soon be considered worthless. And if someone’s girlfriend starts sulking unreasonably all the time, then one fine day the boyfriend will stop appeasing her.
So, if you wish to maintain your own importance and that of your opinions then refrain from repeating things. Otherwise be prepared to face humiliation.
-Deep Trivedi