August 16, 2015 9:30 am

It is The Habit Of Getting Involved With Things Without Defining Them That Has Destroyed Human Beings

Getting Involved With Things

To move towards something, to know and understand it or to accept it without defining it proves to be misleading; then whether that something is wealth, friendship or marriage. But most of the people have not even defined their own lives. …They simply go on living! The strange thing is that people have been believing even in God without defining him. Just consider this, if you do not have any definitions for anything at all, then how would you analyse it? How will you decide what you gained or lost from it or whether your decision is right or wrong? So, if you wish to live life the way it should be lead then create your own definitions of each and every thing and only then move ahead with it. Just observe how clear your life becomes just by developing this single habit.

– Deep Trivedi