November 3, 2016 5:00 pm

“Just as boyhood, youth and old age are attributed to the soul through this body, even so it attains another body. The wise man does not get deluded about this.” – #BhagavadGita Shlok – (Chapter-2, Verse-13)

November 3, Thursday


Meaning of the #Shlok

Oh Arjuna! Just the way we experience childhood then youth followed by old-age in our lifetime, thereafter we gain another body on dying. So, he who is wise doesn’t lose his composure in such cases. He knows, this is the circle of life and there is no possibility of change in this. And yet some human beings with an undeveloped mind whine about even their old-age. But those resolute human beings who have understood the continuous cycle of life and death don’t worry about even their own death, let alone the death of their loved ones! On the contrary, they are capable of embracing their own death with a smile. – Deep Trivedi

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