I am Krishna

Krishna has been the most enigmatic and venerated personality in Indian history. His feats are legend and are dispersed in different ancient texts. Alas, no one has captured his entire life in one continuous story. This book, which is a product of research from over 15 ancient texts, not only depicts his life chronologically but also strives to explain the psychological import of his actions. This gripping story will provide the reader with deep psychological insights into Krishna’s life.

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Features Of The Book

  • The first complete biography of Krishna, the one and only complete man of human history, right from his birth to his death in one continuous story.
  • Well-researched and integrated from multiple ancient texts and scriptures.
  • Gripping storyline as if he himself were narrating it.
  • Embellished with his thoughts and his psychology at the time of significant events that transpired during his life and how he evolved with each incident to become great as we know him today.
  • Explores his Mind and Life in a simple and lucid language
  • The first book that chronicles and highlights how an ordinary cowherd boy, who was born in a dungeon, went on to become Krishna – The King of Dwarka.


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About Author


Deep Trivedi

Deep Trivedi is a renowned author, speaker and pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics who writes and conducts lectures with an all-pervasive perspective, guiding an individual towards the achievement of his full potential. Till date, he has led thousands of people onto the path of success and happiness through his works.

In his voluminous works, Deep Trivedi has extensively explained Nature, its laws, its behaviour, its psychology and the effect it has on human life. No aspect of life and human psychology has been left untouched by him. He states that the lack of psychological knowledge and understanding is the sole reason for all the sorrows and failures of human life.

As an author of numerous books, he is known for his special ability to touch upon the deepest aspects of life and explain them in a very lucid language, leaving no scope for any ambiguity. His bestselling book, ‘I am The Mind’ has been introduced as a subject in Jyothi English Medium School, an ICSE school situated in Karnataka.

His distinct, spiritual-psychological language and expression in his writings and lectures, begins to have an instant effect on the mind of the reader or listener, which makes Deep Trivedi a pioneer in this field.


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