April 19, 2015 8:32 am

Life Has Never Changed Its Psychology For Anybody Then Why Are You Living In Such Hope?

B 338 English
The fact of life is that it can never be without any difficulties. Difficulties always have and shall always come in life. Life has never changed this psychology of itself even for the greatest of legends. This life has caused even Jesus to be cruelly crucified in a painful manner and it is this very life that led to Socrates being put to death by poisoning. It is this very life that has had every single body part of Mansur ruthlessly chopped and it is this very life that hasn’t even spared the likes of Kabir, Meera and Dayanand Saraswati from being harassed. And neither has the body ever changed its psychology of inflicting illness on even the wisest of people. Even someone like Buddha in the last years of his life had to walk with the help of doctors due to his illness, whereas Mahavir was troubled by dysentery. Ramakrishna Paramhansa had to battle cancer whereas a strong and healthy Vivekananda had to die at a very young age.
Now, through this historical truth, there are ample of things that need to be understood. Firstly, it is very clear that whether it is life or the body, none of these have changed their psychology of causing difficulties, for anyone. And when troubles can befall the lives of even such great human beings, then it clearly means that nobody has control over the difficulties that come and go in life; this is undoubtedly evident. Thus, the question then arises is that in such a case what difference does there remain between such great souls and us? …The difference that remains is that their mind has attained such a lofty height that no hardships bother them. And this is precisely what we need to learn from them and this is what they have tried to teach us throughout their lives. Meaning, the only relationship that is possible between these great personalities and us is that of a teacher-disciple. Apart from this, all the other relationships that we have established with them are not only baseless but it is only because of our failure to understand such a simple thing that we are getting upset by every trivial thing.
…Now whether you agree or not, understand or not, feel hurt or get angry, but this is what the truth is.
-Deep Trivedi