I am The Mind

Who does not wish to understand and unravel the mysteries of the ‘Mind’? For, it is the mind which governs a human being round the clock. Human beings are rendered helpless when pitted against the might of the mind. However, those who have been wise enough to master their mind go on to scale the peaks of joy and success. But unfortunately, they are few in number. But help is here! Mr. Deep Trivedi’s bestseller book, I am The Mind, guides you to discover your mind’s potential. In short, it is the master key to achieve anything you want.

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Topics Covered In The Book


Mind Vs. Brain

Do you know that the mind and the brain are two different entities? If yes, then what is the difference between them? The thinking of the brain is limited only to this birth, but the mind acts on the basis of calculations stretching to infinity and beyond...


Different States of the Mind

Do you know that the mind has not one but seven major states? They are Conscious Mind, Subconscious mind, Unconscious Mind, Super Conscious Mind, Collective Conscious Mind, Spontaneous Mind and Ultimate Mind.


The Power Centres of the Mind

Mind is the source of numerous incredible powers. Mind is the sole entity that is only connected to nature in its entirety, but is also capable of performing all the efficacious tasks that essentially lead to the growth of your life with the help of your power centres. Do you know what they are?


The Keys to Success

Why are only a few among millions successful? The inability of a man to utilise his time and energy in an effective manner is the very reason behind his failure. Also, in order to achieve success in human life, it is imperative for an individual to activate his intelligence.


Brilliance vs Intelligence

Intelligence is often misunderstood with brilliance. Intelligence is an innate quality that you are born with but in most human beings, it remains latent. On the other hand, brilliance is intelligence acquired by the brain from outside, especially through various sources, such as education or skill training. The difference is very subtle but significant.


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I loved reading this book... This book has transformed me... I hav changed.. The way i think... The way i interpret things... It gives a deep insights about how our and others mind function.. "Imagine if you can understand how others Mind function... !" The author has explained such a complicated Subject... In a very simple manner with real life examples and stories...

Mr Vinod

- Review from Amazon site

The book makes for a great reading with wonderful anecdotes and illustrations.

I read the book, ‘I am The Mind’ by Deep Trivedi. Here for the first time I realised that the mind and the brain are two different entities! The mind teaches me to be the real “me” whereas the brain forced me to do things to the contrary. This book makes for a great reading with wonderful anecdotes and illustrations.

By Amazon Customer

on 11 August 2016

मेने आपकी बुक "में माँ हूँ" पढ़ी ही नहीं समझी भी है में एक बात पूछना चाहता हूँ इससे पहले मेने ""secret"" Josef marfi की the power of subconscious mind और telycycle और भी इसी तरह की बहुत साड़ी बुक पढ़ी जिनका असर मेरे ऊपर बहुत हुआ उनके बहुत ही बड़े फायदे हुए जो सोच से भी परे थे लेकिन आपकी बुक भी पड़ी जो इन बुक्स से बिलकुल अलग है।। आप की बुक आज में जीना सिखाती है और वो सारी बुक्स भविष्य के बारे में सोचो ऐसा बोलती है

Kuldeep Soni, – Indore, India

7 September, 2016
– facebook/deeptrivediblogs

नमस्कार सर जी।

सर हम अपनी learning पावर को कैसे बढ़ा सकते है। क्योंकि सोचते तो बहुत कुछ है परंतु कर नहीं पाते। जैसे उदाहरण के तौर पे मुझे काफी टाइम से गिटार सिखने का मन था और मैं बस सोचता रहा सीखेंगे सीखेंगे चुकी कुदरत मुझे सब देती है परंतु थोड़ा देर से और हुआ भी मेरी बीवी ने मुझे guitar गिफ्ट कर दिया। अब गिटार तो आ गया परंतु class join नहीं कर पा रहा हु। ऐशी कई और बाते है। अंग्रेजी बोलना। क्योकि बहार तो सब दूकान लगा के बैठे है बस लूटने के लिए।और जैसा की आपसे सीखा की हर चीज़ का समय तह है तो सोचता हूँ की अभी वह समय नहीं आया और एशे समय बीतता चला जाता है। किर्प्य मेरी इस समस्या का समाधान करे।

वैसे मैं आपकी पुस्तक "i am mind" से अपनी जीवन शैली को परिवर्तित करने का प्रैक्टिकल भी कर रहा हु। आपकी बात मुझे समझ आती है बड़ी ही प्रैक्टिकल होती है।

Satvir Singh , – Indore, India

8 September 2016

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About Author


Deep Trivedi

Deep Trivedi is a renowned author, speaker and pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics who writes and conducts lectures with an all-pervasive perspective, guiding an individual towards the achievement of his full potential. Till date, he has led thousands of people onto the path of success and happiness through his works.

In his voluminous works, Deep Trivedi has extensively explained Nature, its laws, its behaviour, its psychology and the effect it has on human life. No aspect of life and human psychology has been left untouched by him. He states that the lack of psychological knowledge and understanding is the sole reason for all the sorrows and failures of human life.

As an author of numerous books, he is known for his special ability to touch upon the deepest aspects of life and explain them in a very lucid language, leaving no scope for any ambiguity. His bestselling book, ‘I am The Mind’ has been introduced as a subject in Jyothi English Medium School, an ICSE school situated in Karnataka.

His distinct, spiritual-psychological language and expression in his writings and lectures, begins to have an instant effect on the mind of the reader or listener, which makes Deep Trivedi a pioneer in this field.


Deep Trivedi also has a large following on Facebook and Twitter, and his videos have garnered a large number of viewers on YouTube.  


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