November 4, 2016 5:00 pm

“Oh son of Kunti, the contact between the senses and their objects, which give rise to the feelings of heat and cold, pleasure and pain are transitory and fleeting; therefore, Arjuna, endure them. ” – #BhagavadGita Shlok – (Chapter-2, Verse-14)

November 4


Meaning of the #Shlok
Seeing Arjuna’s sorrow Krishna is telling him that Oh son of Kunti! Why are you mourning so much? Why are you getting so disillusioned? This grief that you are feeling because of the battle’s outcome and its consequent deaths is not justified at all! Because beyond a human being’s comprehension numerous things are always in conflict and from that, owing to a human being’s own weakness, different types of emotions keep emerging in him; however these emotions are only transitory! Presently the thing that is hurting you will cease to be hurtful tomorrow. Oh Arjuna! You yourself analyse your experience. Until now your mind and intelligence have synthesised with numerous topics, and you have borne the many pleasures and pain emerging from it; but today is even one of them existent within you?
In the same manner, free yourself immediately from this sorrow that you are harbouring presently; because anyway tomorrow it is going to cease to exist within you.
– Deep Trivedi

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