May 10, 2015 8:19 am

On Mother’s Day, A Story About A Great Mother

B 125 English

You all must have heard the name of Thomas Alva Edison. It is needless to mention what a great a scientist he was! But perhaps you must not be aware that it was his mother who laid the foundation for his greatness, and even helped him build his destiny. Today I will introduce you to Edison’s great mother, Nancy.
Edison was Nancy’s seventh child. He was inquisitive right from his childhood. When he was enrolled into a school at the age of seven, sadly, his inquisitiveness proved to be a drawback for him. He would constantly throw questions at his teachers. Irritated, the teachers called Edison’s mother Nancy to tell her that her son was dull and to top that he even asks a lot of unnecessary questions. On hearing this Nancy was so upset that she pulled Edison out of school.
In the next two years Edison was enrolled in two more schools. But neither did his habit of asking questions change, nor did the teachers’ attitude towards him change. Only his schools changed. This gravely shocked his mother Nancy and even hurt her a lot. She couldn’t bear anyone calling her son dull and insulting him… Finally while pulling Edison out of school, she explicitly told the teachers that it wasn’t her son who was dull; in fact their vision was so weak that they couldn’t see his potential!
Now, Nancy herself was a teacher. She was aware that once a child’s confidence is shaken, it is difficult for him to regain it. So, she decided not to enrol her son in any school anymore. In fact, she decided to teach her beloved son at home by herself.
Edison was so happy with the love and faith displayed by his mother that on growing up, once he even said, “I was so moved by my mother’s decision not to enrol me in any school that, then and there I decided , no matter what happens, I will never ever break her trust. The teacher called me a dull student and my mother removed me from school, with more could I have asked for from my mother?”
So at home, the little Edison dedicatedly started learning various subjects from his mother. He showed a special interest in science and its experiments. On the other hand, he also kept getting the necessary encouragement from his mother. And finally, one day, thanks to his mother’s loving hand holding, he became the world’s greatest scientist with 1093 inventions to his credit. Among these, was also the light bulb which has illuminated the entire world!
Today on Mother’s Day, every mother should take a leaf out of Nancy’s book. It is the mother who brings a child into this world and she is the only one whom the child is always closest to. And in childhood, a child only desires his mother’s love and trust. However, these days, a mother puts her child in nursery school as soon as he turns 2-3 years old as if she wishes to be free of him. Then how can he become an Edison? Because to be great, a child doesn’t need a degree but his mother’s love and trust. Did Edison have any degree? Thus, all the mothers in the world should bear in mind that it was a mother’s love and belief that had enabled Edison to conquer the world. And today on Mother’s Day, you also should become such a mother. Also on this Mother’s Day, I salute a great mother like Nancy on your behalf.
-Deep Trivedi