March 14, 2015 9:30 am

On The Great Einstein’s Birth Anniversary Come, Let Us Learn From Him, How To Become Great!



We all know and even believe that Einstein is the most intelligent person of the era! Today, instead of discussing his work, I shall narrate an incident from his life which is not only interesting but will also provide direction to your life.

Einstein would mostly go out for dinner with only his friends or his wife. Actually, he would often get confused while placing an order off the menu. And he never even bothered about it. But it so happened that one day he had to go for dinner to a restaurant all by himself. The waiter handed him the menu; Einstein flipped the pages back and forth a few times and even tried to make sense of it, but couldn’t. In the end, he asked the waiter itself – Brother! Look at my face and whatever dish you think will catch my fancy, you please go ahead and order it for me!

Now, such a great scientist; the most intelligent man of the century and he still couldn’t order a meal for himself! He just couldn’t do it, and this is what needs to be learnt. A human being has just one brain, either you can use it for petty matters or apply it on significant matters! Either you can apply it to figure out who said what and what’s going on in someone’s household or you can apply it to enhancing your talent. But know for sure, if you use your brains for petty issues or on worthless matters, then you shall never be able to apply it on bigger and more important matters. …However, it is your life and your decision!

–     Deep Trivedi