May 4, 2015 9:37 am

On The Occasion Of Buddha Poornima Do Me A Favour! – Buddha

B 116 English

I, your dearest Buddha, with great pain request you today to do me a favour. If you find my words difficult to understand or hard to follow, then leave it… I have not forced you to….But in return at least maintain my dignity. At any rate do not make my idols simply pieces of adornment for your drawing rooms. By erecting gigantic sculptures of mine, don’t make me out to be a mere exhibit! I have not committed any mistake by imparting my knowledge to you, then why are you punishing me by indulging in such acts? I hope that at least today, on the occasion of Buddha Poornima, you will decide that it is fine if you can imbibe my wisdom wholeheartedly; but at least you will definitely not ridicule me by turning me into a sheer object of display.
-Deep Trivedi