March 1, 2015 9:30 am

On This Day ,E=Mc2, Which Went On To Change Our Lives Forever, Was Discovered!



Everyone is aware that Science has changed the lives of human beings. We even try to find out as to when the bulb or the aeroplane was invented. We know the importance of the invention of mobile phone as well as the radio. But, very few people know about the formula that changed the entire face of physics. Yes! I am talking about E=MC2. Had this particular formula not existed, then perhaps many other things too would not have come into existence. If not for this one formula, even today we would not have known a lot about the Universe. And perhaps, these dreams about travelling to the Moon and Mars, would also not have come true. So, today is definitely dedicated to E= MC2; because many years ago, on this very day, the formula was discovered. And when we remember this formula how can we not salute its discoverer, the great Einstein? So hats off to him too!

–     Deep Trivedi