February 17, 2015 9:30 am

Poor God! His Self-Promotion Tactics Just Aren’t Working



–          Hey dear! What are you out to sell so early in the morning? Didn’t the society’s watchman stop you?

–          How can he stop me? I am invisible and reside within you. Silly fellow, listen carefully, I am God. You seek me out day and night, hence, I thought I would introduce you to my real form, so that it would put an end to your unnecessary visits to the temples-mosques and churches.

–          Oh! So will you stay with me forever?

–          See, that’s what I wish to do. But it is up to you and not me. If you really do want to attain me then renounce the temptation, greed, fear, expectations, jealousy, and bias that dwell within you. I promise you that I will never leave you then.

–          What kind of condition is this? How will I survive if I give up all of these? Your dealing in the temples-mosques-churches is far more straight-forward. You are available to me if I offer a few rupees. And when you are so easily available at such a low price, why should I pay such a heavy price to attain you?

–          As you wish. But there, it is not me but imposters who have been established in my name. And that is the reason behind this sorry state of your life. Anyway, understand it or not, believe it or not; it is your life and therefore your decision.

–          – Deep Trivedi