Deep Trivedi – A Man of Many Hues/The Catalyst of Change

Pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics, Deep Trivedi is a renowned speaker and author of numerous bestselling books, a life coach, a new-age guru, and most importantly, a catalyst of change. As a speaker, he has worked at length by giving lectures and workshops for more than 500 hours on various subjects pertaining to human life and psychology, for which he holds National and International records, the most noteworthy being ‘Maximum Lectures on Bhagavad Gita’, spanning 168 hours. This path-breaking psychological work on Bhagavad Gita has earned him an Honorary Doctorate. His bestselling book, ‘I am The Mind’ has sold over one and a half lakh copies and has been published in nine national and international languages.

Deep Trivedi says, “It is every human being’s birthright to live a beautiful life and it can be achieved by setting the mind right and aligning oneself with the Laws of Nature.” He also mentions that every great man is an institution in himself and human beings can learn a lot from their life, thoughts, actions and works. And Krishna reigns supreme in this regard as he is the most powerful and best of all institutions. Krishna’s life and Bhagavad Gita are the greatest and the most precious assets for the world at large. But unfortunately, by linking Krishna’s life with miracles and stories, people have lost the essence that could have otherwise transformed their lives. Therefore, after carefully sieving through the available scriptures and extensive research on the life of Krishna, Deep Trivedi has penned Krishna’s life and most importantly, his psychology and evolution from a simple cowherd boy to the King of Dwarka in his bestselling book, ‘I am Krishna’.

This book has been a herculean task, as it chronicles the entire life of Krishna in detail along with his thought process for each action, his reflections and his psychological evolution with each experience, which led to his transformation inside out. Consequently, he enunciated the great Bhagavad Gita - an epitome of wisdom, and became the most powerful and the only complete man in the history of mankind, living life to the fullest in all its hues. The book provides answers to all the questions related to human life and Laws of Nature. Two volumes of this six-volume series have already been published.

Emphasising on why everyone should read ‘I am Krishna’, Deep Trivedi says, “Krishna is the greatest psychologist ever born in history who teaches us management, how to focus on work, how to build an empire, how to turn situations in our favour, how to deal with people and things effectively and how to do a reverse calculation to achieve the goal.”

A catalyst of change, Deep Trivedi, with a noble vision of helping every human being achieve great legendary success, has touched and transformed innumerable lives through his books, lectures and workshops.