November 16, 2016 5:00 pm

The man dwelling on sense-objects develops attachment for them, from attachment springs up desire and from desire (unfulfilled) ensues anger -#BhagavadGita Shlok (Chapter-2, Verse-62)

November 16


Meaning of the #Shlok

In this shloka, Krishna is beautifully explaining the principles behind a human being getting angry based on their psychological points. Krishna is saying, oh Arjuna! A human being’s anger is in reality a by-product of his acts born out of ignorance, hence you please understand the whole process. Actually, when a person focuses upon something, in time he starts getting attracted towards it. Once attracted, he desires to acquire it. Until this point, it is not a problem; but then in case for some reason his desire is not fulfilled or he is faced with a roadblock on the path of fulfilling that desire, then he becomes angry. Right now, even you are concentrating upon life-death or victory-defeat, because of which you are possessed by the fear of death or desire for victory. And the Kaurava’s large army as well as warriors like Bhishma, Karna and Drona appear as roadblocks in your quest. And because you have no reason to be angry with them, you are getting upset. Understand this matter very deeply: the psychological truth is that sorrow, worry and frustration are not primary emotions. The primary emotions of a human being are only anger and love. But a human being can vent his anger only on someone weaker than him, so on coming face-to-face with a powerful opponent he finds himself powerless. It is simply because he feels so powerless that his anger translates into unhappiness, worry and frustration. Simply put, if the Kauravas were weak, then neither would Arjuna ask ‘Krishna’ so many questions nor would he speak of running away from the battle field. And he would definitely not waste time in mouthing words of wisdom… without a moment’s wait he would have come down on the Kauravas in full force.
Hence, you please understand this psychology explained by Krishna. And based on the same principle analyse your anger, frustration, worry and sorrows, etc. If you want to do away with them then beware of the main cause, which is, ‘focussing on the wrong thing’. Focussing on the wrong things is the basis of all your desires. And if you harbour wrong desires and they remain unfulfilled, then anger is bound to manifest! And then, on whom will you be able to vent out this anger…? No one! So, with passing time, this suppressed anger will eventually transform into sorrow, fear, worry, frustration and other such perverted emotions.

-Deep Trivedi

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