May 30, 2015 8:34 am

To Make Life Happy And Successful You Need To Learn To Keep Up With The Times

B 362 English
Just pause for a moment and ponder how old is Nature! …Billions and billions of years and may be even more! Look at the moon and the stars spread across, billions of kilometres away. And in the widespread vast nature, try to converge upon your conservative thinking. Everything is dealt with stubbornness and rigidity. Of what use is that? Why don’t you understand, the entire Nature runs on time and only if you function in accordance with time will you be able to build a happy and successful life.
Time is what causes the occurrence of day and night. Neither does the sun act stubborn nor does the moon. …And not even the earth for that matter. Therefore, everything is moving in order. Then why don’t you change your habits and beliefs with changing times? Just imagine, when Hindu, Muslim, Buddhists or Christians were not in existence did the moon and sun not exist either? Didn’t human beings of that era live their lives? My dear, whatever you think is good, accept it, who’s denying you that? What sense does it make to keep shouldering the baggage of those things which have become irrelevant with times? I have hinted at it, you are smart enough to understand. I hope that you shall get rid of all the irrelevant baggage in life and keep up with the times!
-Deep Trivedi