March 9, 2015 9:30 am

Today, On Sahir Ludhianvi’s Birth Anniversary Come, Let Us Lose Ourselves In His Poetic Grace!



Sahir saheb, is that name which can never be forgotten by a lover of film-songs. Every word of every song that flowed from the ink of his pen became eternal in Indian cinema. The truth is that if any song surpasses lyrical excellence, then you can confidently say that it is written by none other than Sahir Ludhianvi. And I can promise that, nine out of ten times you would be proved right. It has to be accepted that despite being a poet, Sahir saheb has ruled the hearts of film lovers more than any of the great film stars. And this definitely is not a small achievement! And this, enunciates the magic of the poems that he penned. Remembering the great Sahir saheb today, my heart is beating to his poetic rhyme!

– Deep Trivedi