January 23, 2015 9:30 am

Understand The Importance Of Management Of Self If You Do Not Understand It, Then Look Back At History And If You Do Not Wish To Do All That, Then Simply Read This



Everyone knows that life is made happy and successful on the basis of talent. And this is the reason why nobody leaves even a stone unturned to hone their talent. Even I cannot find any dearth of talent anywhere in this world. But despite all this, the reality is also that the number of happy and successful people in this world isn’t much. And the only reason behind this is human beings’ lack of skill in managing themselves. Because despite being immensely talented, a human being has to do his own work. And the task can be accomplished well only if while performing it he has managed himself well. Meaning, during that time he should be in the mood to work, he also has to focus on the task at hand and at that point of time he should have no worries or sorrows in his mind. But if all these things aren’t managed, the despite immense talent, the task won’t yield any result.

On the other hand, another truth about this matter is that if someone has managed himself well, then he does make miracles happen, despite being less talented. As proof of this fact, you can take examples of the barely educated Thomas Edison and Wright Brothers who became great scientists by only correctly managing themselves. It is because of this very fact that even regular job-goers and barely-educated people like Walt Disney and Dhirubhai Ambani became successful businessmen.

Therefore, the simple math behind a human being’s success and happiness is that he who has managed himself attains a thousand times more than his talent and the one who lacks self-management is forced to live with a thousand times less than what he is capable of.

So, understand this truth and start spending an hour or so in solitude with yourself. And while doing so, also read good content on psychology. And then see for yourself how your talents bear great fruit!

-Deep Trivedi