(1) How can I view the videos?

Ans: In case you are not able to open the video file, please install or update flash player. After installation or update, find the flash (or Shockwave Flash) listing on the Plug-ins page of the browser and click on the corresponding Enable button. If you are not able to view the video even after installation of the flash player, please click here for more information.

(2) How can I watch free videos?

Ans: To watch free videos you have to first register on the www.deeptrivedi.com site. Once you login with your registered ID, you can get complete access to watch free episodes of DeepTalks.

(3) Can I login with the registered ID of DeepTalks App?

Ans: Yes, you can login with same registered ID details of DeepTalks App. There is no need for you to create another login ID and password.

(4) I have forgotten my password, how do I login now?

Ans: Please click here to reset your password

(5) Will Mr. Deep Trivedi answer my questions related to his videos or problems related to my personal or professional life?

Ans: Mr Deep Trivedi is a renowned author and a pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics. He is also a speaker who talks with an all-pervasive perspective. You can ask type and any number of questions related to his videos or your personal or professional life. Please click here to send in your questions.

(6) I want to buy DVDs of DeepTalks. Where can I buy it?

Ans: You can buy DeepTalks DVDs from www.aatmanestore.com

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