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Am I sane?

Am I sane?

Question: I don’t feel like meeting anyone without a reason, whether it is in office or at my relatives’ place. If I feel that there is no need to stay at a particular place then I go back home and get myself busy on Facebook and YouTube. Sir, am I alright? If I am wrong then what should I do? I always complete my work on time and everybody praises my work in office too. But I still feel that I am not working hard enough and can do much better.

- vasuka singh
Absolutely right deep sir
- Mayur sharma
- Alok Kumar Srivastava
You absolutely right Dipu
- ashish rai
Sir,. I want to know a person thought affected by his relatives, neighbours friends or anyone who connected with that person is a weak person and a person who's thought not affected by them is strong person.
- Ashwini kumar jyotiyana
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