January 9, 2015 9:30 am

Without Pondering Over Which You Cannot Be Redeemed



There are numerous worship rituals, innumerable temples-mosques-churches, countless scriptures, lakhs of social service bodies and NGOs are in existence, all dedicated to the upliftment of mankind. So many humanitarian discourses and strong social arrangements and thousands of schools and colleges are striving for the education of human beings, and yet why is it happening that only one person among thousands is able to become happy and successful?

Seek out the reason, because this cannot go on for long! And if I were to point out the obvious reason, then I would say that for the upliftment of human life, the above mentioned things are not as essential as psychological knowledge is. But neither is good psychological knowledge available, nor is anyone feeling its need.

…Forget about the others. If you have understood what I am trying to say then make it a habit to read some good psychological material daily for half an hour. Believe me, only that will uplift you!

-Deep Trivedi