February 1, 2015 9:30 am

Words Are Hollow – Their Definition Is What Does The Magic! Right Definition – Right Result Wrong Definition – Wrong Result Therefore, If You Wish To Make Your Life A Success Then Learn To Define Correctly



Communication is definitely the primary need of a human being. Whatever progress the world has made has been possible only because of communication. And languages and words have made the biggest contribution in this. Without this neither would knowledge exist nor Science.

However, our problem is that we have gotten used to superficial learning and living a hollow life. Therefore, we use words and languages only superficially. Whilea human being has to impart dimension to the words through his awareness. And onlythen can the word mean something to him. And the dimension is imparted to the word by giving it the right definition. Henceforth, please remember that if you are used to employing words without defining them appropriately, then your life shall always remain directionless. And if you have accepted the wrong definition of words then you shall go astray. But, if you have carefully created the right definition for every word that you use as per your nature and need, then your life shall always be filled with happiness and success.

For example, if the definition of happiness is taken into consideration then this definition differs from person to person. Someone’s happiness lies in wealth whereas for others it lies in family; for some it lies in hard work while for others it lies in leisure. However, in reality, all these definitions of happiness are the root cause of sorrow. If you wish for happiness to never leave you, then you will have to change your definition of it. True happiness is the ability to make use of that which pleases you the most out of whatever is available, in any measure, at any given point of time. If you adopt this definition of happiness then who can stop you from being constantly happy?

… And this is the case with not just one but all the words. Therefore, considering them to be hollow, do not keep using words without any reason. At the same time, do not create wrong definitions of the words. Also, do not ever use words without defining them. This sole understanding will provide complete clarity about your life. Not just that, because of this life will also start moving forward in the right direction.

So, from today onwards, put aside are other numerous tasks and define all those words that you consider to be a part of your life as per your understanding and need. And then proceed with your life by adhering to these definitions. Then see, how your life soars!

– Deep Trivedi