December 19, 2016 5:00 pm

Yoga, which rids one of woe Is accomplished only by him who is regulated in diet and recreation Regulated in performing actions And regulated in sleep and wakefulness. – Bhagavad Gita (Chapter-6, Verse-17)

December 1


Meaning of the Shlok

In this shloka, Krishna is telling Arjuna a matter of fact. He is saying that to attain great heights, meaning to achieve Yog, a human being must first learn to consume the deserving food and nutrition as well as learn to complete their necessary sleep. Now this is something which can be easily understood, but apart from this Krishna is also saying something really extraordinary in this shloka, and that is – it is only the yog of those who make apropos attempts that is fruitful. Make note, this is a very important matter. Honestly speaking, it is the master-key to converting all the widespread failures into success. We are told – work hard and then see how success comes to you. On the other hand, someone else says – forget it, what is in your hands anyway? Everything depends on the will of God, even a leaf can’t make the slightest movement unless He wills it. So go ahead and please Him…ring the temple bells and offer namaaz at the mosques…everything will be fine thereafter. But Krishna is saying that both these views are wrong. Shying away from your deed or relying on someone else is undoubtedly wrong, but it is equally wrong to take your deed more seriously than necessary or persevere more than needed. Whether the deed is great or minor, only the one who makes apropos attempts to achieve it shall attain success. And make note that every deed itself lets you know how much time and energy needs to be applied to it. It’s just that to understand this it is necessary that your inner intelligence is awake. And today onwards pay a little heed, you yourself shall realise that the reason behind all your failures would not be lack of seriousness or hardwork in doing the deed as much as it would be taking the task too seriously and putting in more effort than needed. You people are anyway intelligent enough; you must have surely understood which inner intelligence Krishna is hinting at. Undoubtedly he is asking you to take refuge under your own soul. Of course, on Krishna’s behalf I am definitely promising you that once you learn to make apropos attempt to do a deed, then you will surely get the desired result of doing it.

– Deep Trivedi

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