February 8, 2015 9:30 am

You Are Simply Amazing! There Is No Difference Between Your Yes And No!



You may have never noticed this before, but henceforth please do. Your every ‘yes’ has a ‘no’ hidden in it and your every ‘no’ definitely has a bit of ‘yes’ somewhere. If someone asks you to go for dinner with them, you say no, but you should observe that there is always a yes hidden somewhere behind that no. And to prove this point, you must notice that if you are cajoled a couple of times more, you happily agree to go. Similarly if you happen to say ‘I love you’ to someone, you should immediately look within, you will surely find a ‘no-no, I don’t want to love’ somewhere within.

Now does such feebleness in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ even leave a trace of its scent? Is this feebleness in a yes or no even impactful? It’s only a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ that leaves its trace. We too have a flower heart within us, which become fragrant when we live our lives based on a firm yes or no. And the scent that is developed from such a firm yes or no, spreads around the world.

For example, Christ, Mohammed, Meera, Kabir are few such people whose yes had tremendous power. Meaning, according to them not only does God exist, but also He is the only Divine Truth. And similarly Buddha, Krishna etc maintained a staunch ‘no’ that there exists no God and it is only me who exists. We accepted and believed both these viewpoints equally. Because if you observe carefully, then you will realise that there is no difference in a firm yes or a firm no.

Anyway, let me delve deeper into this concept of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Because, right our problem is quite below the level of Christ and Buddha. So, I shall explain taking the example of Edison. How did he become such a great scientist? He became so only because of firmness in his yes and no. As soon has he would enter his laboratory, his experiments would get his 100% yes while his family, society, friends, routine or health would get his 100% no. That is it, this 100% division is what made him ‘the Edison’. …This is what I have been meaning to say, that the habit of maintaining a 100% yes or no will develop such a fragrance within you that it will spread across the world.

…Otherwise, because of your yes in the no and no in your yes, your heart will turn into a mere paper. Then forget about the fragrance which could have emanated from it, owing to its odour, you yourself will feel utterly lifeless. So, henceforth start living your life by maintaining a firm yes and a firm no.

– Deep Trivedi