November 10, 2016 5:00 pm

“Your right is to work only and never to the fruit thereof, do not be the cause of the fruit of action. Nor let your attachment be to inaction.” – #BhagavadGita Shlok – (Chapter-2, Verse-47)

November 11


Meaning of the #Shlok
This aphorism is probably the most important psychology in the history of mankind. Krishna is saying that you surely have a right to work, but never over its result. And why should we lose even the slightest of energy over something which we have no right on at all?
This one teaching of Krishna is capable of making human life peaceful, successful and joyful. Today onwards pay heed that whenever any sorrow, worry or problems grip you, is it related to the deed or the outcome. At all instances you shall find that it was born out of the thoughts related to the outcome.
Now, this is one side of the story. Delve deeper… these outcomes are after all a result of what? Definitely, of doing the deed! It simply means that, as it materialises, the deed done by you itself determines its outcome. Meaning, if you desire the result to be good then do your deed in the best possible way. And when will the deed be done superlatively? Only when your focus is completely on the deed. And when will your attention be undivided? Only if the thought of the outcome doesn’t even cross your mind while doing the deed.
So Krishna is telling Arjuna that what’s your worry? …That neither should you die nor lose in the battle. And if either event is likely to occur then I should simply run away from the battlefield! …Meaning, you don’t mind the war, you are worried about dying or losing in it! But oh simpleton, you possibly can survive the battle and even win it! That is, to say, that all your wishes can surely be fulfilled. But when? Only when you forego all these worries and pay complete attention only to fighting in the battle… It is simple… the child, who wishes to top in his class, surely can. But when can this be possible? Only when he focuses on studying rather than standing first. But if he says that he will study only if there’s a guarantee that he will come first, then how can someone guarantee it without him putting in the efforts? And then if he says, in that case he shall not appear for the exams at all, then it is an absolutely frivolous statement!
And Arjuna, right now, you are saying something similar. Hence, my dear, go and fight in the battle putting aside all worry of the outcome. I promise that even without me guaranteeing it to you, you will surely be able to bring about the desired outcome. Honestly speaking, this teaching of Krishna is not limited to only the battle or an exam, but is in fact the calculation to be applied to anything that you desire in life. If your focus is on the deed rather than the end result, then you will achieve everything. On the other hand, if your attempts are driven by the result then all your energy will be utilised only in thinking about it or calculating the positive-negative effects. Then how will there be any energy left to do the deed that it will bring about the desired result? And this is what is worrying Krishna that if Arjuna keeps on thinking about the result then how will he be able to give his best in the battle? And if he doesn’t fight with his full potential, then how will he win the war? So, hereafter if you wish for success in life, then keep your eyes set on the deed and don’t think about the result at all! On behalf of Krishna, I guarantee you that you will definitely get the desired result!
– Deep Trivedi


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