Deep Trivedi is a renowned author, speaker and master of psychology. He writes and conducts workshops with an all-pervasive perspective, guiding individuals towards the achievement of their full potential. To date, he has led millions of people onto the path of success and happiness through his works. In his voluminous works, Deep Trivedi has extensively explained Nature, its laws, its behaviour, its psychology and the effect it has on human life. No aspect of life and human psychology has been left untouched by him. He states that lack of psychological knowledge and understanding is the sole reason for all the sorrows and failures that pervade human life. He is known for his special ability to touch upon the deepest aspects of life and explain them in a lucid language, leaving no scope for ambiguity.

Deep Trivedi has an unparalleled command over the biggest psychologies of life and has spoken extensively on diverse subjects related to psychology for over 750 hours. His popularity can be gauged from the fact that he has over 1500 videos on social media which have generated over 1 million followers and 100 million views. He holds the International Record for 168 Hours of Workshops on the Bhagavad Gita. He is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate for his Works on the Psychology of Bhagavad Gita. His command over the biggest psychologies of life can be gauged by the fact that he holds the record for ‘Maximum Workshops on Human Life’, ‘Maximum Workshops on Psychological Aspects of Tao Te Ching’, ‘Maximum Workshops on Ashtavakra Gita’ and ‘Maximum Number of Quotations on Human Life’ (about 12038) on subjects such as Soul, Human Life, Psychology, Laws of Nature, Destiny and many more. His interactive workshops have brought about a revolutionary transformation in people’s lives by addressing their day-to-day concerns. For his immense contribution to society Deep Trivedi has been awarded the Times Power Men Award 2018.

As an author, Deep Trivedi has authored the bestsellers like ‘I am The Mind’, ‘Everything is Psychology’, ‘I am Gita’, ‘101 All-Time Great Stories’, ‘The Black Book of Soul’, ‘3 Easy Steps To Win At Life’, ‘I am Krishna (The Complete Psychological Biography of Krishna)’ and many more. His bestsellers have sold over a million copies worldwide and have been published in several national and international languages. The distinct spiritual-psychological language and expression in his writings and workshops begin to have an instant effect on the mind of the reader or listener, which makes Deep Trivedi a pioneer in this field.